What's New and What's Up

What's Up

What's New

7/29 - moved the vault.

7/21 - added Chapter 90 translation and links.

7/5 (3:something am) - Added a lot of stuff to the Fushigi Yuugi Vault, added links.

6/22 - Added translation of Chapter 89.

6/15 - Finally finished the Tamahome Image Gallery!

5/24 - Added some more links.

4/29 - Added translation of manga Chapter 88.

4/27 (1:20 am) - Adding translation of manga Chapter 87.

4/19 (12:04 am)- Finished off the last of the character files.

4/12~13 - Added more character files and links. Beginning work on Chapter 87. I hate AOL!!! :P

4/11 - Added translation of manga Chapter 86.

4/9 (1 AM) - Finished the rest of the episode synopses (47-52)

4/8 - Some character files are available.... but right now I'm running out of disk space, so I have to clean some things up. SOME LINKS STILL DON'T EXIST.

4/5 - This page is incredibly UNDER CONSTRUCTION - do not be surprised if many links do not exist. I'm still working on it. However, synopses 37-46 and manga translations are available, as well as the general summary.

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