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A little note: These are only the pages where I have gotten information, images, or have visited in the past, so if you have a page you'd like me to add, mail me! If you do, you're pretty much guaranteed that I'll add it within a week or so... depending on how much homework I have. ^_^

Reika-chan's Home Page You guessed it -- my home page! If you like Escaflowne, Long Vacation (and Takuya Kimura), Marmalade Boy, or anime in general, you'll want to check this out. ^_^
http://www.geo cities.com/Tokyo/Tow ers/1224/

Tasuki No Miko's Fushigi Yuugi Page This page has got lots of stuff -- manga translations, character guides, a character poll, and a Tasuki shrine.
http://www.dragonf ire.net/~TasukiNoMiko

Chichiri's Fushigi Links Other Fushigi links, Chichiri image shrine, and other good stuff.
http://www.auto bahn.org/~mi- chan/Anime/FY/

Silverwynd's Fushigi Yuugi Page A lot of cool pictures to check out.
http://www.silverwy nd.org/fy_main.html

Fushigi Yuugi Image Gallery This gallery is HUGE. You might want to ftp all the files! :o
http://www.cacr.caltech. edu/~mneideng/images/FushigiYuugi/

Fushigi Yuugi Pictures This site has scans from the illustration books.
http://mathc s.rhodes.edu/~bertz/Pictures.ht ml

Rabi's Anime_Manga Picture Mini Archive This image gallery is organized, so if you're looking for something specific, it'll be easy to find.
http://far051 5.urh.uiuc.edu/anime_ma/pi x/fy/

Playi ng Cards If you are interested in buying a set of playing cards, or just getting more images, this site has the FY playing card set scans.
http: //www.pipeline.com/~mon ica/Scans/FY/fushigi.htm

Vero n's Bookshelf - Fushigi Yuugi This page has general info, links, character info, etc. Her main site also has a Takuya Kimura page! ^_^
http ://www.geocities.com/ Tokyo/Towers/4667/manga.html

The Anti-Miaka Page Not that I don't like Miaka or anything; it's just that this page just makes me laugh. :D
http://www.geoc ities.com/Tokyo/Tow ers/7299

Miaka, Suzaku no Miko's FY Homepage General info, links, etc, and a cool "brown look" to it. :]
http://baste.magibox.net/~ miaka

Amy's Tamahome Shrine Another Tamahome shrine! ^_^ Also contains links and other stuff.
http://www.iway .net/~rwalker/tamahome. html

The Fushigi Yuugi Web Lexicon A link list that is huge and is still growing!
http:// www.netrunner.net/~parr/ani me/fy/index.html

The Anime Archive Fushigi Yuugi pics plus other series... worthwhile to check out.
http://the.animearc hive.org/frame.pike

The Women of Fushigi Yuugi A site with general info and a shrine to the women of the series (the first! :D )
http://nerv.ece.utexas.e du/asuka/

Hibiki-san's Fushigi Yuugi Page General info, character info, and manga info
http ://www.geocities.com/Tokyo/Towers/7461

SalorJupt's and Slr2Moon's Fushigi Yuugi Gateway Info, a quiz, and links.
http://www.geo cities.com/Area51/Cavern/5580

The Shrine of the Almighty Chicken of DOOM The title says it well -- parodies, synopses, general info.
http://www .geocities.com/Tokyo/6827/fymain.html

Wo Ai Fushigi Yuugi A good place to go for info on the Second OVA Series!

Shrine to the Super Bishonen, Tamahome! Another Tamahome shrine! Woo hoo! :) Some really cute pictures and info on other seishi, as well.

Fushigi Yuugi Info on all 28 seishi!

Episode Synopses Fill in the gaps... this page is gonna have spoilers for episodes 1-36

Fushigi Yuugi This is a Japanese page -- so if you don't have a browser that supports Japanese, use Shodouka. This page has a Japanese translation of "The Universe of the Four Gods."

http:// yamato.cc.kogakuin.ac.jp/cer be/fushigi.html

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