Ironfist Anime presents

Fushigi Yuugi 2nd OVA series

Last Updated: 6/21/98

Sorry for all the delays in getting information out, but my time is much, much more limited now. My older brother is actually the person who runs this whole thing, but somehow I end up being the PR person... ::sigh::
Thank you for your patience. :)

The first two episodes are available, and there will be six total. Scripts are available on my Fushigi Yuugi Vault. As for the rest of the series, we will no longer be subbing it. The cost has grown too high, we're both starving premeds, I don't like the OVA as much as the manga, etc.etc.
Our official distributor is Verge Distro.
This is the only information I have. Sorry.
Your other sources could also be your local anime club or other fansub distributors (go to the Anime Web Turpike for more info).

(And now we pause for this special announcement)

DO NOT RENT OR BUY FANSUBS!!!! I found a store a bit aways from Hopkins RENTING OUT the first episode of this series... THIS IS BAD. If you see or hear of anyone renting or buying this tape, tell them THEY HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF (and find out where they got it and then tell me, please ^_^). This place was renting it out for $2 a night, $1 an additional night. Ironfist Anime makes NO MONEY off of our productions, so NO ONE ELSE SHOULD. Paying for the cost of video tapes when acquiring fansubs is perfectly reasonable... but paying $12 a tape (the price this place was selling them at) IS NOT. And I'm going to do something about this problem in the near future. Thank you for your cooperation.
Thank you for your time and patience, and enjoy the anime! :)