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Other seishi

In Japanese alphabetical order. Info from second illustration book and the anime


Byakko seishi, wife of Tokaki. Helped Miaka and the others battle the Seiryuu Seishi by turning back the clock and making her and Tokaki younger again. Reputed as having a "nice body" (obviously after she turns young again).


Byakko seishi, guardian of Byakko's Shinzaho. Fell in love with Osugi Suzuno, Byakko no Miko, but couldn't be together. His power involves using plants to fight his enemies.


Byakko seishi, Tamahome's teacher (master). At first he's a perverted old man, but he turns into a young man again to help out the Suzaku seishi.


Genbu seishi, lost his body 200 years before to guard the Genbu shrine, through his loyalty to the Genbu no Miko. Height: 173-174 cm


Guards the Genbu shrine with Tomite. Age: 21 Height: 184 cm

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