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Welcome to the Tamahome Semi-Shrine!

**NEW** I have put together a Tamahome Image Gallery where you can get all the pictures featured on these three pages in their original file sizes, and MORE!

In case you don't know me, Tamahome is my favorite anime character (those who do would say "duh"). Why do I like him? Well, there's the obvious... the looks, the personality.... all the more reason why he has become known as "The Golden Standard."


Just some facts about Tamahome:

Full name: Sou Kishuku

Constellation: Cancer

Birthday: June 28

Blood Type: O

Height: 180cm

Hobbies: Money

Various info: Tamahome puts his earnings to good use by taking care of his family, as he is the oldest son.

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Check out the Tamahome Goof collage(be careful, this image is HUGE) -by Jeremy Liu

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