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Fushigi Yuugi Links

A little note: These are only the pages where I have gotten information, images, or have visited in the past, so if you have a page you'd like me to add, mail me! If you do, you're pretty much guaranteed that I'll add it within a week or so... depending on how much homework I have. ^_^

Reika-chan's Home Page You guessed it -- my home page! If you like Escaflowne, Long Vacation (and Takuya Kimura), Marmalade Boy, or anime in general, you'll want to check this out. ^_^
http://www.geo ers/1224/

Tasuki No Miko's Fushigi Yuugi Page This page has got lots of stuff -- manga translations, character guides, a character poll, and a Tasuki shrine.

Chichiri's Fushigi Links Other Fushigi links, Chichiri image shrine, and other good stuff. chan/Anime/FY/

Silverwynd's Fushigi Yuugi Page A lot of cool pictures to check out.

Fushigi Yuugi Image Gallery This gallery is HUGE. You might want to ftp all the files! :o
http://www.cacr.caltech. edu/~mneideng/images/FushigiYuugi/

Fushigi Yuugi Pictures This site has scans from the illustration books.
http://mathc ml

Rabi's Anime_Manga Picture Mini Archive This image gallery is organized, so if you're looking for something specific, it'll be easy to find.
http://far051 x/fy/

Playi ng Cards If you are interested in buying a set of playing cards, or just getting more images, this site has the FY playing card set scans.
http: // ica/Scans/FY/fushigi.htm

Vero n's Bookshelf - Fushigi Yuugi This page has general info, links, character info, etc. Her main site also has a Takuya Kimura page! ^_^
http :// Tokyo/Towers/4667/manga.html

The Anti-Miaka Page Not that I don't like Miaka or anything; it's just that this page just makes me laugh. :D
http://www.geoc ers/7299

Miaka, Suzaku no Miko's FY Homepage General info, links, etc, and a cool "brown look" to it. :] miaka

Amy's Tamahome Shrine Another Tamahome shrine! ^_^ Also contains links and other stuff.
http://www.iway .net/~rwalker/tamahome. html

The Fushigi Yuugi Web Lexicon A link list that is huge and is still growing!
http:// me/fy/index.html

The Anime Archive Fushigi Yuugi pics plus other series... worthwhile to check out.

The Women of Fushigi Yuugi A site with general info and a shrine to the women of the series (the first! :D )
http://nerv.ece.utexas.e du/asuka/

Hibiki-san's Fushigi Yuugi Page General info, character info, and manga info
http ://

SalorJupt's and Slr2Moon's Fushigi Yuugi Gateway Info, a quiz, and links.

The Shrine of the Almighty Chicken of DOOM The title says it well -- parodies, synopses, general info.

Wo Ai Fushigi Yuugi A good place to go for info on the Second OVA Series!

Shrine to the Super Bishonen, Tamahome! Another Tamahome shrine! Woo hoo! :) Some really cute pictures and info on other seishi, as well.

Fushigi Yuugi Info on all 28 seishi!

Fushigi Yuugi This is a Japanese page -- so if you don't have a browser that supports Japanese, use Shodouka. This page has a Japanese translation of "The Universe of the Four Gods."

http:// be/fushigi.html

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