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Disclaimer on Translations

I do not profess to be fluent in Japanese; because I am half-Japanese, I have been speaking Japanese all my life, but have never been formally trained until high school. With many Japanese friends that prefer to speak in Japanese, my comprehension has become very close to fluent now. :) I'm pretty good at understanding Tokyo-ben, but I have to learn the new terms from friends, as my conversational Japanese holds heavy roots in Kansai-ben (my family's from the Osaka area).
Also, in the hopes of getting these translations out as soon as I finish them, be patient with typos. I type in excess of 90 WPM, so if I'm not paying attention, I may have some garbles.
There are many phrases or expressions that do not have direct translations; in these cases, I just tried to find the closest expression. Often times, I do not take literal translations, either, for my Japanese comprehension is based on innate understanding, not translating to English before understanding. Does that make sense? So, in other words, I know the "feeling" of the sentence, and look for the right sentence to convey that "feeling" in English.
Tools used in my translations (besides the manga itself):

O tanoshimi ni! -lmr 7/21/97 (modified 6/21/98)

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